Thursday, February 28, 2013

Self Made Deity

 stood outside to stare  impatiently 
as the sun she wept to  go to sleep 
and the moonlight ,lit the floor beneath my feet
I drew a line to let me reach 
 the tightrope I walk along novels all wirtten  at the tip of my tounge 
  the gift if you listen to my words
 comfort and delight set me free tonight as the clouds kick in and the lightning crashes

Nights swelling and the clouds begin to burst 
 skyline shines  dawn arrives 
 time will change and so will I
  warrior to be iwarrior to shun 
 my hands lace the face  with my soul enraged
 in every hit  that seems to shatter and emaciate
caustic love that  causes blood  and etches definition into me  
no description could  apply to  a self made deity for I only believe in me

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