Thursday, February 28, 2013

I stood on top a crater in the moon

I stood on top a crater in the moon
 fell in to the distinct taste of human but I am no cannibal
sell to the people who have children too well I used to

I see some cars an buildings  but not a single house stands out
bet they see me on the moon tall an proud
I realize sometimes size doesnt count

Just a big old lot just a big old lot where people park there cars
where children learn about Jupiter an mars
when I was a kid pluto was included now its just a lost moon

I stood on top a crater in the moon
 fell into a  the blue depths that take away the shallow goal of  keeping cars on the move
sell  merchandise made for cheap cuse of the  company
such a taste humans have I am no cannibal

I rid mankind of cancer took away all the answers
that currency you use an I see size doesnt count when the details cant be seen
see me  on top of the moon an when I  was young pluto was amongst the other planets too
now its left out in the dust our education is a must sorry I couldn't complete high school
school of highs replacing all I knew about algebra two

Metric system memorized I dont really even supply
the man who dares to cry in front of a crowd the bravest in sight
at the moon the wolfs howl an the floor there is still a ground
inches away from my time in comparison to the worlds life

Ran to the cemetery to condition me  never thought so many I knew would grow old so soon
on top the moon I am  alone as we all are
an the human taste fills the  emptiness  I am no cannibal
I slid my hand across the earth I spin an spin it till it works
whats broken should be fixed so all these ill thoughts should be missed
  it'd take away all of this

I stood on top a crater in the moon there's no rooms
I see no houses or the people in my view just a parking lot
oil refinery buildings of workers an smog
humans taste so bland I cant rid it out of my head

I rid mankind of  cancer by taking all the answers
that currency you use put it to some use fuel some fires an warm the poor
all of us can work together all of us can be together
my face worn torn by all them treasures
everyone has to be above an I am on the moon  on top a crater
everything seems  empty too

I stood on top a crater in the moon
while some wolfs howled at my lonesome self
while some folks pondered how I love myself but could inflict such hell
I stood on top a crater in the moon 
have human taste an I am no  cannibal

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