Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shadow that lives

Let the dream exist as the enamel of your inner animal shows
and its to shiny to not reflect the exhibitionist
how I roll
eyes to starstruck when you see your persistence

Sustain the slums for the bums
shelter the sickly 
give away your drugs 
just by quitting 

Take what you want
 I am all that Ill ever be 
you were saying you were great
 it was only in the display a decorated book with adjectives of addiction 

Subterfuge how documents were obtained 
from their pain into my brain
 pulling at the moon
 talked about a dark side its all light
just a shadow jealous that your not true 
a shadow who wanted to be truth 

you've come to light 
though your only in the darkest dens 
you've come to light
If it could happen we would fight

A shadow that lives
its like a baby with a gun to your head
it can end you 
you wont accomplish a plan of opposition 
I'll  be the polite kid die off  young
for the shadow that lives inside all of us 

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