Friday, March 1, 2013


Tomorrow you'll be the man of your dream
and if the loopholes this man to cease
raise my arms that's what it'll be
and if conciousness eludes me
I wont get to scream

Daily divinity wheres the trinity 
wise wizard,the child you were
I think I'd do it right I'll try and believe 
Your not going anywhere but here

Diminished dimensions
can you teach me the message
highlight my direction
streetlights left questions

Loops that wont shuffle
people digging me out of my grave without shovels
loops that wont struggle
to difficult for the mind to juggle

I'll be the looper that goes round
I'll see everything that goes on when I am found
but I wont know how 
I'll be the looper that goes round
like the water cycle
eventually they will get the contaminates out
I'll be the looper that goes round

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