Thursday, May 16, 2013

Satisfaction factory

Satisfaction factory
hammer for the suffering
when I see all my closest friends
thoughts begin with

"Talking is nonsense unless you want someone to miss
kissing is a sentence hopefully ending in a period
loves a myth brought on by philanthropist
marriages last because divorces aren't in

Sought after gem
keeping in touch
I must of been a few cents
held on till you could purchase one of them

All I care to have is some rustic dust
terrorist cooked up
helpless hero in liars clothing
ventriloquist of viruses
a liar in heroes clothing

a fairy tale fail
child despises formal faces
senses no greatness
begs at a wishing well
he can see hell
didn't realize he'd be taken down

Satisfaction factory
hammer for the suffering
mentored in murder
by my older brother
suspect is a victim
its hard to forget him

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